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The Travel Photography Bucket List. Best photos!


What is your favorite picture?

1. Bran Castle, Romania IMG_20170325_190941_076 2. Krakow, Poland IMG_20170314_091705_212        3. Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein img_20170302_085725_316           4.Sighisoara, Romania13501772_1201666326540003_5233205058988643469_n        5. Brasov, Romania img_20170312_104320_598.jpg            6.Bern, Switzerlandimg_20170222_110344_058     7.Vienna, Austria IMG_20170313_094052_516          8. Bratislava, Slovakia IMG_20170317_094346_940

          Photos By- Tarnovean Claudiu Ovidiu (copyright:Coco Traveling Photography)


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  1. amoretina

    #2 in Krakow, Poland is BEAUTIFUL! It’s definitely on my list of places to go <3

  2. 5. Brasov, Romania or Poland. I can’t decide. So many places to travel, so little money to travel with. lol

  3. AlisSimo

    I really like the 1st, Bran Castle. But number 5 Brasov is really impressive to! They’re all beautiful anyway 🙂

  4. spainuncharted

    You took some really amazing shots! It is so beautiful but in a very eerie way. Definitely, I am adding it to my must visit list!

  5. Inge

    Great pictures! Your website looks great and I’m curious for more pictures!

  6. Anita

    Initially I thought Switzerland with the pop of red but its absolutely Slovakia with that little dude.

  7. WOW, the very first one from Romania totally blew my mind – it has such a magnificent feel! I would love to visit Romania soon!

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